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Boost sense of belonging by Souvenirs

With variety of choices, you could get the most suitable one. Different items for different purpose. We are pleased to share experience with you.

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Personalized Glass Block

a bespoke glass block is a good idea for both individual gift or school awards


Research Reveal:

Sense of Belonging is a key to educational success for all students

Increased sense of belonging has been shown to increase engagement as well as academic motivation and performance. With respect to undergraduates, the scholarship has shown that those who feel like they belong are more likely to seek out support when they need it, be more motivated to learn, and have an easier time communicating with faculty. Additionally, a positive relationship between undergraduate students' sense of belonging in a class and academic self-efficacy.

Rsearch Reveal

~Terrell L. Strayhorn
Professor of Urban Education and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
at LeMoyne-Owen College, USA.


Effortless Souvenirs Consignment Program 

Without adding manpower, create sense of belonging and income stream by joining our Program. Effortlessly.

Our program helps school selling souvenir more simple and productively. From design, production, inventory, logistic, to selling with our online ordering platform exclusively designed for your school, we will take care of them one by one.

Consignment program

Custom School Event Wall Calendars

show school spirit and keep students and families in the know of events all year.


Custom Yearbooks and Classbooks

a well-designed yearbook celebrates your school's performance


Custom School Folders

perfect idea for new student orientation, fundraising, alumni events, and homecoming/family events.


Custom Cardboard  Photo Frame

one of the most popular products to promote your school brand.

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